“As environmental specialists, Earth Tec Group of Companies provides a full spectrum of services for any large commercial or industrial site project development”

Earth Tec Fill Management Services include:
Excavating, hauling, clean fill grading and getting permits to survey property.

Recycling & Reuse as Mandated by Ministry of Environment.
Soil is an important resource and the protection and conservation of soil in Ontario is a valuable component of maintaining the environment for present and future generations. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) encourages recycling and reuse of excess soil to further promote sustainability and the protection of the environment.

Digging from the ground up… whether you require bulk excavation or detailed excavation, we provide excavation services for agriculture, municipal, commercial and new land development.

Removal of Excess Soil
Excess soil which has been excavated by construction activities and cannot or will not be reused at the site, will need to be moved off site. In some cases excess soil can be temporarily stored at another location before the excess soil is brought back to be used for a beneficial reuse at the site where the soil was originally excavated.

Our fleet of Dump Trucks include tractor trailers, straight dumps to low bed trailers.